March 2021

Meeting Agenda – March 24, 2021

Lisa Torres, recorder

Live Oak County Democratic Party Meeting Agenda March 24, 2021



Dec 12th 2020 Agenda/ Minutes

Virtual Meeting:




Month Deposit Withdrawal Balance

Dec 2020 $215.45

Jan 2021 $9.00 $206.45

Feb 2021 $317.22 $523.67

Mar 2021 $533.61 $1,057.28

Total: $1,057.28

December was the opening of our bank acct. $215.45

January ending balance was $206.45

February ending balance was $523.67 (thank you donors and members)

March ending balance boost was from a donation by our Congressman Vicente Gonzalez’s campaign office to go towards Live Oak’s Get Out The Vote efforts. (GOTV).


Starting the Live Oak County Party General Pac (Malissa Torres) completed.

Filing with the Texas Ethics Commission our appointed Treasurer, completed

Live Oak County Chair appointed Sherri Saenz as LOCDP Secretary, and Precinct Chair West Three Rivers #10, is currently attending meeting from in transit back to Live Oak.


Filing with TxSoS electronically our financial status after Lisa created account.

In January through March, I reached out to surrounding counties to their chairpersons, and local clubs to see if we can work together with sharing information, training and resources. This went well and we are now working with several county chairs and parties. Information here:

o January 25th 2021,

o February 14th, 2021,


o More to come in the 2nd calendar quarter of 2021.

March was a busy time for doing virtual lobby visits with congressional leaders and I personally attended and spoke about my experience dealing with white nationalism / extremism while, I was serving on active duty in the Air Force as a member of Common Defense.

Lisa and Malissa Torres attended Volunteer Deputized Voter Registrar training; online through Travis elections and will be working to get our VDVR certificates in Live Oak and surrounding counties.

No Democrats filed to run for local municipal offices

o Early voting should be happening with elections to be held on May 1st.

Live Oak County Democrats have two contributing monthly members/officers. We are seeking to expand membership in our party; we are requesting a minimum of $5 a month per adult. If there is a family that decides to join; we are happy as an organization to set a family price when that occurs. Funds will go towards items the party deem necessary to support, recruit, retain candidates, attendance to state and national events and purchase candidate signs etc.

Live Oak County had Congressman Vicente Gonzales visited with residents for lunch at the George West Steakhouse on January28th, 2021. Judge Jim Huff, Lisa Torres, Janet Ranefield, Sherri Saenz, and Malissa Torres.

A picture was published in The Progress, Feb 11th 2021.


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