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Getting Ready For the 2024 Elections!

Michelle Vallejo candidate for CD-15 is once again running against Monica De La Cruz. She is por la gente, not putting them in cages. Unlike De La Cruz, Vallejo doesn't forget where she came from, SHE EMBRACES IT!

Press Release -2024

Democrats have a home in Live Oak County. I am pleased to be a part of history, when we defeat propaganda and turn Texas PURPLE!

Anyone is welcome to stop by to purchase signs, campaign literature, tee shirts etc.  We are looking for volunteers to sign up to help at events and voter registration drives or meet local, state, and federal candidates.  

A calendar of events will soon be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Live Oak County Democrats, Where Y'all means ALL!!

Malissa "Mal" Torres

Live Oak County Democratic Chairwoman 

Live Oak County Texas Democrats

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